Craig Parry     
Rethinking the musical landscape


"I started MTA in 2010 after my own children reported an outdated and unenjoyable music program at school. I have since made it my mission to make music technology fun and accessible to people of all ages. I am so very passionate about music tech and what an incredibly rewarding enabler it can be for both musical hobbyists and professionals alike" 

Strong foundations


A good preliminary understanding of the mechanics of music is crucial to developing intermediate and advanced skills. We encourage developing core strengths such as scales, rudiments, notation, synthesis, programming and composition while making sure that the whole experience remains fun and focussed on what you love about music

Developing at your pace


We respect the fact that everyone learns with a different approach and at a different pace. Not only that but music is a very subjective form and it can be appreciated from many different perspectives. Because of this we are mindful to ensure that lessons are constantly re-designed with your preferences in mind

From shower to stage


For some, music is it's own reward, belting out karaoke in the car or strumming alone on the porch. For others, it's an obsession to share onstage with many. Not only can we provide you with tutelage to develop your form but we can also coach you in preparation for complex live performances that integrate traditional instruments with cutting edge technology

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